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Hi! WP Team Support is glad to have your attention, the most affordable 24/7 live support provider for WordPress Sites. At WP Team Support we provide security, backups, software updates, maintenance, optimization, uptime monitoring and more to your site.

Over the year we found many businesses struggles with their website and couldn’t make their job done on time even after choosing expensive services and support plans. So we started with a simple goal to make support and services more simpler and responsive that provide timely help. By becoming our customer your problems are solved instantly by our 24/7 support team. Submit your support ticket, see our experts in action.

You have invested a whole lot of your capital in the business and you always wanted a minimal amount of the investment to be secured and insured. In the online world your website describes who you are and what you are, you invested a part of your capital in building your site and we give you the feel of your investment in site is insured properly with us in a most affordable and economic way. Join the number of our happy customers and get your site fixed instantly.

Management Team

Altaf Rahman is the co-founder and CEO of WP Team Support(WPTS). Prior to WPTS, he founded Cyberspace Builder, a successful website designing and development company. Altaf is in the field of online from 2006 starting his career as WordPress trainer for students and completed number of projects. He is a successful entrepreneur of Cyberspace Builder started in 2011 and served nearly 4000+ customers helping them to complete about 3000+ projects. He noticed past clients were constantly asking support for site maintenance. It induced a spark in him and the result of it is WPTS.


Ansif is the co-founder and CTO of WP Team Support (WPTS), beloved brother of Altaf Rahman. With his thirst towards web development from the very beginning of his college days he started helping his brother in developing websites and entered in Cyberspace Builder full fledged from 2013. His passion towards web development help him to gain in-depth knowledge in it. He is also specialised in finding solution for complicate website issues and is the backbone for our technical team.

Ethics That Drive Us

True ethics that guides us:

Humanity We respect our workers as a fellow being and we see us in you.
Heartfelt work We work from our heart and find contentment in that.
Honesty We will be true to our customer and to our work.
Happiness We believe in sharing and serving, it doubles the happiness.
Habitat Do the most to the betterment of the living habitat and make it useful to others.
Handy A stitch in time saves nine, we try to serve you on time when you needed us most.

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