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What Is Support Credits & How To Use It?

Support Credits are the smartest and most affordable way to fix WordPress issues. In WP Team Support for all the WordPress fixes, you need Support Credits to solve your WordPress problem.

What’s Special About Support Credits?

For instance, let’s say that you are in the Startup Maintenance Plan of us. Suddenly if you had a WordPress issue that your WordPress website is getting slow and you want to do Speed Optimization which is not covered in your Startup plan.

What will you normally do if you were with other WordPress support and service provider? You need to Upgrade your plan for just one fix that too you need it for only once.

In order to get that only one service, you have to upgrade your plan. On Comparing with the WP Team Support Service price structure itself you have to pay $199 for that single fix. Nearly you are paying $170 higher from the base plan $29.

A unit price of the Support Credit is $5. With the help of Support Credits, you can fix this Speed Optimization fix with just $50. You are saving $120 with the Support Credits.

Support Credits System is the most affordable and smart way to fix WordPress issues to help you the users to get more benefits.

Where Can I Buy Support Credits?

You can buy the Support Credits package from our Support Services page. Support Credits are now available as 5 packages

Based on your needs buy the Support Credits and save your money. You also get Free Support Credits with your Maintenance Plan and the Theme Setup plan. Based on the plan you choose the number of free Support Credits you get also varies.

Validity Period Of Support Credits

The validity Period means how long the Support Credits will be valid and can be used for the services.

The validity period of the Support Credits you buy is Life Time Validity. That means the Support Credits you bought will be there in your account until you use them. Based on the support service you order the support credits will be detected from your account. You can see your Support Credit Balance in your account dashboard. If you ran out of support credits you can purchase any of the Support Credit Pack.

The Validity period for the Free Support Credits that comes along with the plan has only 30 days validity you can use it within the 30 days, you cannot carry forward these Free Support Credits to next month.

Can I Buy Support Credits alone?

Yes, you can buy Support Credits alone. You have to setup an account with the WP Team Support first and then you can buy the Support Credits you needed and you can use the Support Credits for the fixes you need.

Below mentioned are the support credit cheat sheet. Have a look at the Support Services we offer.

Theme related Supports

1.WordPress Theme Selection Assistance (30 mins)We assist you to choose the theme best suits for your business5
2.Theme Setup Just give us the theme file, demo content and documentation. We set up your favourite theme in your website.10
3.Update your themeTheme updates are always awesome they give fresh look and new functions. Stay updated.5
4.Update a highly customized themeHave the fear of losing your customisation on theme update? No worries we are here to help20
5.Configure a new themeMake sure the favourite theme you have all the functionalities you need, configure theme for your need10
6.Complete Website using Theme of your choiceHave your own website with the look and feel you like. Give us the theme file, demo content and documentation of your favourite theme.20
7.Set up a theme for specific pagesYour theme doesn’t have the page you want? We will make the pages you need in your theme.10
8.Make css small changes to your site theme(Tweaking CSS)Make css small changes to your site theme(Tweaking CSS)10
9.Fixing theme clashesSometimes your favourite theme doesn’t go well with your required plugins. Our experts are here to help you.10
10.Create a child themeMake the child theme for your main parent theme. Easily maintain your theme customisation without any issues to parent theme.5
11.Revamp website with new theme with same contentRevamp your website with fresh look and feel without losing your content and SEO.20
12.Content addition based on theme designMake your website contents fit exactly into your theme. A perfect blend of your powerful content and your favourite theme.10
13.Multisite supportMultisite is a WordPress feature which allows users to create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation.20

WooCommerce Supports

14.WooCommerce installationGet the WooCommerce installed in your website and set ready to use it right away.5
15.WooCommerce customizationCustomize Woocommerce plugin to your business needs.10
16.Update customized WooCommerceHave the fear of losing your customisation on WooCommerce plugin update? No worries we are here to help.10
17.Add individual products for WooCommerceAdd your individual special products to WooCommerce plugin.(package incldes 5-10 Products. Extra Each product one Credit)10
18.Fix WooCommerce extension bugs and conflictsCouldn’t figure what extension is causing trouble with your WooCommerce plugin? We will fix it for you.10

Payment integration and E-commerce Supports

19.E-Commerce plugin and Payments IntegrationGet the perfect e-commerce plugin installed and configure it for your site along with the your Payment gateway integration.20
20.Payment gateway integration ConsultationLooking for support to integrate payment gateway after completed all your payment gateway process? Get our expert advice.5
21.Payment gateway Installation & configurationGet your payment gateway configured for your website and the plugin.10

Plugin Supports

22.Recommend a pluginDon’t know what are the essential plugins you generally need to get started with? We can help you.5
23.Required Plugins setupGet the essential plugins a WordPress website would normally required installed in your website.5
24.Selected Plug-in installationYou selected the plugin you want? that’s good now give it to us to get it installed in your website.5
25.Update a pluginUpdated plugins are more effective and secured. Get all the plugins you use updated.10
26.Configure a pluginConfigure the plugin to your website. Make the best plugin to be more helpful for you.10
27.Add custom functionality to a pluginPlugins only cover the most commonly used functionalities, customise the plugin to your needs.20
28.Install a social sharing pluginGet your website contents and products shared a lot, earn more fans. Install social sharing plugins.10
29.Install a caching pluginGet your website load faster, reduce the time from browser to the server by installing caching plugin.10

Hosting & Server related Supports

30.Hosting & Domain – Assistance and Support(Per Year)We help you set your website on our hosting with your own domain name20
31.WordPress Setup on your hosting accountGe the WordPress installed in your hosting server. Kick start your WordPress website right away.5
32.Transfer a non-WP site to WordPressWilling to join the WordPress family? That’s a good decision, we will help you transfer your old website details to the new WordPress site (1-10 Pages).20
33.Manual site migrationMove your website to a better server without losing the important details of your website. We take the tough job for you.20
34.Backup my siteSaving your website information safely will help you in the future. We backup your website information safely for you.10
35.Check & implement web master toolTake a complete control of your website get the webmaster tool checked and implemented to your website.10
36.Configure DNSGe the domain name system (DNS) configured for your website.10
37.Install & Configure SSLGive your website the security level it needs. Get SSL and configure it to your website.10
38.Broken SSL certificatesBroken SSL is a bad sign for your website and it’s SEO. Check and fix your SSL for your website.10
39.CDN Install & ConfigureGet the CDN installed and configured for your website.10

WordPress update Supports

40.WordPress core updateHave the latest version of WordPress. WordPress core update increases your site security and performance.20
41.Fix issues after a WordPress core updateSometimes plugins and themes will not support latest version of WordPress, this may cause various issues, fix those issues easily with us.10
42.Deletion of post Revisions upon requestWordPress stores the revision of the post i.e each and every change you made to the post while updating. These files tend to slow your website, remove the unwanted revisions.10

SEO & other optimization Supports

43.SEO optimizationOptimize your website for the search engine using the WordPress plugin and configuring the plugin for your website.10
44.Responsive Web DesignGet your website mobile friendly. Adapt your website for any screen size and any device.20
45.Database optimizationUnwanted files gets stagnant in your website database, which reduces your site performance. Clean those unwanted junk files.10
46.Optimizing imagesOptimise the images in your website. Make it load faster without losing the image quality.20
47.Check page size and load timeDo you have an idea about how huge your website is or how long it takes to load? get the answer here.10
48.Improve your site speedFaster world needs faster website, optimise the speed of your website.10
49.Setup redirectIt will be annoying for the user to take to the broken pages or bad links in the website which also hinders the website SEO. Solve this by setting up redirects.10
50.Setting up Google AnalyticsHave a better insight of your website with the help of Google Analytics. Link your Google analytics to your WordPress website.5
51.Configuring YOAST WordPress SEOYOAST is the best plugin in WordPress for SEO in order to unlock the full potential of Yoast configure it to your website.10
52.Boost page ranks (CONSULTATION)Every one want their website to be ranked high in the SERP page. Get the tips from our experts to improve the pagerank of your website.10

Design & Customisation Supports

53.Design ConsultingNeed to know the status of your website take our expert’s advice to get the maximum result out of your WordPress website.10
54.Design helpNeed an expert assist while you are designing your website, our experts are here to help you.10
55.Logo and Content ModificationsModify your content and logo’s position and alignments based on your theme.10
56.Logo place customizationModify the logo’s position and alignments based on your theme.5
57.Custom Design Changes (Based on your request)Make minor custom modification to the design of your website. Mention the changes you like to do with your website we do it for you. Credits covers for per section.10
58.Making changes to your headerMake the changes to the header of your website, have the element or the content you like.10
59.Add SlidersAdd Sliders to your website.10
60.Modify or add FootersMake the changes or add footer to your website, have the element or the content you like.10
61.Create page templates in WordPressCreate the templates for your website, save your time using templates.10
62.Styling Contact FormsContact forms are the key element for the conversion in your webiste. Have an elegant styling contact forms for your website.10
63.Fix text formatting issuesThe text formats did not match to your taste don worry we fix the text format issues for you.5
64.Installing a faviconHave the Favicon for your website installed.5
65.Install a comment system(disqus)Install comment system like disqus (or which you like) for your website, provide the environment for your users to interact.5
66.Stock image selection & add to your websiteAn image speaks more than a million word, we help you to select perfect image for your website and have it installed for you(package includes 1-10 Image after it one credit for each image).10
67.Create post imagesBusy in blogging couldn’t able to find the apt image for your post, we help you create post images.(Per Post)5
68.VA tasks (creating, updating and posting content)Ge the virtual assitant task for posting content on your website.(Per Post/Page)5

Website Security related Supports

69.Website Health CheckKnow the health level of your website. Have the complete diagnostic report of your website.10
70.Website ReviewGet the the top to bottom complete review of your website from our experts.10
71.Help me with site securityImprove your site security, help you with the proper security features installed in your website.10
72.Recover a hacked siteHad a tough time with your website? don’t know what to do? relax our experts are here to recover your hacked website.20
73.Emergency Support24/7 Experts available to help you. Get the most important fixes right now.5
74.Fix a white screen of deathWhite Screen of Death most annoying thing for a WordPress website owner and your customers. We are here to bring your website alive again.10
75.Clean up malwareFedup of the malwares in your website? even after trying a lot not able to get rid of it? we are here to help you.10
76.Clean up spamSpams are space consuming and annoying factors. Get the spam cleaned from your website.5
77.Prevent spamPrevention is better than cure. Install the security precautions installed before getting spam attacks.5
78.Improve your site securityGet the proper security systems and programs installed in your website to avoid the fear of getting hacked or losing the data.10

Email & Social media integration Supports

79.Email list setup Management with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant ContactSetup the email list management plugins like MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact installed in your website.10
80.Adding email opt insAdd email optins to your website to generate more leads.10
81.Social Media IntegrationMake your website a social bird. Install social media integration plugins for your website.5
82.G suite install and configureInstall G suite and configure it your website, get the Google services needed for your website.10
83.Create a Google Plus business listingCreate a Google Plus business listing for your website.5
84.Set up email accountsSetup an email account for your website to contact you.(package includes 1-5 Email accounts after that 1 credit for each email account)5
One Support credit is equal to $5

Above mentioned Support Credits are for Per website.

Buy Support Credits

Expecting more than a one time support? We have just what you need

Frequently Asked Questions

The main use of Support Credits is to provide you the support and pay for only what you need not above that.

  • It is more economical when compared to upgrading the plan for the fixes that occur rarely.
  • If you need to fix only a few fix other than in your selected plan.

When you need to have only fixes and supports customized to your need.

Once you submitted your support ticket we notify you immediately when your ticket is opened. The job will be completed within 1 to 6 hours. In case you need an emergency fix you can use our emergency fix page after submitting your request ticket.

We only needed the details related to access your website not your personal details. The details you needed on the course of registration are

  1. Your WordPress Login Credentials
  2. Login credentials of your hosting server
  3. Theme source files, demo content and documentation(for theme customizations)

your information are safe with us we for further details see our privacy policy.

The validity period of the Support Credits you buy have lifetime validity, the credits will be there in your account you can use it whenever you want.
The Validity period for the Free Support credits that comes along with the plan has only 30 days validity you can use it within the 30 days, you cannot carry forward these Free Support Credits to next month.

Yes, you can buy Support Credits alone. You have to setup an account with the WP Team Support first and then you can buy the Support Credits you needed and you can use the Support Credits for the fixes you need.

Awesome work, very fast and efficient, finishes my website issues before the time I requested for, WP Team Support is highly recommended!

Elaine Elizabeth

Great Support. Facing problem with my website and was really slowing down my business, had a tough time in finding and solving it. WP Team Support took complete care of my website fixes every issue of mine. Thank you for making my website safe and secure.

Filipa Villar

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